CNA Online/On Campus

Dates: April 4 - July 18, 2022

Meets: M from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Registration Fee: $925.00

Sorry, the signup deadline has passed. Please contact our office.



Becoming a CNA is a wonderful opportunity for immediate work, endless growth potential, and a life-long career in the healthcare industry. This 140-hour hybrid class includes online assignments, in-person practice by attending skills labs, and clinical experience at local health care facilities. Completion of this course makes students eligible for the Idaho Nurse Assistant exams. Program hours: 48 classroom/lab, 44 online, 8 CPR, 40 clinical.


STUDENT REQUIREMENTS – In order to enroll in this program, you must:

1. Be 16 years of age – verification may be required

2. Complete all of the prerequisites – NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED



PREREQUISITES - Completion of the prerequisites is required before you can officially enroll in this program. Add your name to the waiting list. Once all of your documents have been received by Workforce Training and approved, you will be contacted to proceed with the registration process.



1. Proof of immunizations - Immunizations are required for students who want to enroll in this program due to contractual agreements with agencies and facilities that are used to complete clinical hours. Immunization Check Off List


2. Background Check - How to Complete Your Background Check - If your employer or other entity is paying for your background check, it is required to be completed in person at Workforce Training. To schedule your appointment please call use at 208-792-2388.


3. Photo - Professional-quality headshot


DEADLINE to complete prerequisites

Class Start Date

Deadline Date


July 25, 2022


August 19, 2022


September 28, 2022


October 17, 2022


November 25, 2022

If prerequisites are not submitted and approved by the deadline, Workforce Training of LC State reserves the right to transfer students from their current waitlisted course to the next available course waitlist until all required prerequisites have been received and approved.


Records can be submitted via:

Fax to 208-792-2680

Email to

In-person or mail to:

Workforce Training

1920 3rd Avenue North

Lewiston, Idaho 83501


Additional Purchases that are REQUIRED for the CNA Program:


1.      Background check - $62

2.      Immunizations - Prices may vary.

3.      LC State Parking Pass - If class is any time between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, you will need a pass to park in any of the campus parking lots. Parking passes are purchased through LC State Campus Security. Free parking is available on the streets surrounding campus as long as they are not posted as Residential Only.

4.      Analog wrist watch - (with a 2nd hand, you can find at Walmart, online, or 2nd hand stores)

5.      Gait Belt - order through Amazon or try Walmart

6.      Scrubs - any solid dark color, but preferably blue or black (required for the 9th class session), several stores in the valley or can order through Amazon

7.      Shoes - Appropriate clean shoes (tennis shoes, nursing shoes), no boots or sandals.

8.      Idaho State Nursing Assistant Manual Skills Exam - $65 per attempt (your first test attempt is paid for. If you fail your first try, you will be responsible to pay the fee of additional attempts).

9.      Idaho State Nursing Assistant Written Exam - $50 per attempt (taken after course completion and after passing the Idaho State Nursing Assistant Manual Skills Exam)





Background Checks: MUST be completed prior to class start date, but not earlier than one month prior to the class start date. See instructions on how to complete in the attached class packet. Immunizations + Photo: MUST be completed and submitted to Workforce Training office prior to class start date. See the attached class packet for more information and requirements. Parking: LC State campus security is ticketing vehicles without parking permits. The campus map attached has highlight the locations with free street parking. If you would like to acquire a day pass for your skill test time slot, you may contact security directly at 208-792-2226 or
Fee: $925.00

Linda Busch

Date Day Time Location
04/04/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
04/11/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
04/18/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
04/25/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
05/02/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
05/09/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
05/16/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
05/23/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
05/30/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
06/06/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
06/13/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210
06/20/2022Monday9 AM to 1 PM Mechanical Technical Building (MTB) 210


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