Beginning Welding-Lewiston

Did you just buy a welding machine? Are you looking to attain a new skill, or maybe sharpen up a skill you already have? This eight session, 18 hour, beginning welding class is perfect for the person who is wanting to get into the process of welding . You will learn the basics of machine set-up. You will go through filler metal selection. MIG and Stick techniques will be covered, plus, you will learn tips to get started in projects and explore the opportunities for a career in welding.



(Prices are approximate & not included in registration fee)


Welding Hood

$ 50.00 apx

# 10 Welding Lens (for hood)

$ 1.75 apx

Slag Hammer

$ 9.00 apx

Vice Grips

$ 14.00 apx

Wire Brush

$ 6.00 apx

Safety Glasses

$ 7.00 apx


$ 35.00 apx

Welding Gloves

$ 15.00 apx

Leather Boots

$ 85.00 apx

Leather Sleeves OR Fire Retardant Shirt

$ 55.00 apx

$ 62.00 apx


Welding Cap $ 9.88 apx


Have materials and be prepared to weld the first night of class.

There are no scheduled sessions at this time. Sign up to be notified when this course is available.

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